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Walsall Chiropractic Health Clinic Ltd
We are ready to help!!

Established since 1997, we are 4 Doctors of Chiropractic,
with a combined total of over 44 years experience!

Referrals Are Always Welcomed!

If a referral from another Walsall Chiropractic Health Clinic Ltd patient has brought you to our Walsall, Birmingham and West Midlands website, then welcome!

We are Conveniently Located in Walsall, West Midlands.

We have X-Ray facilities on sight, so if required we can take X-Rays there and then and avoid any delay.

As Birmingham and West Midlands Chiropractors based in Walsall in the Black Country, only 10 minutes drive from Birmingham in the West Midlands, we at Walsall Chiropractic Health Clinic Ltd get to provide Chiropractic treatment to people with a variety of health issues. Based in the heart of the Black Country between Junctions 7 & 9 of the M6 in Walsall and within easy reach of most places in the West Midlands, our team of four highly skilled Chiropractors at Walsall Chiropractic Health Clinic Ltd is ready to serve residents from Walsall and Birmingham and the entire West Midlands community.

We have a Team of Highly Qualified Chiropractors

Walsall Chiropractic Health Clinic Ltd’s reputation has spread beyond Walsall & Birmingham and extends throughout the West Midlands. Our team of highly qualified Chiropractors (all of whom are BCA and GCC registered) are involved with Aston Villa Football Club in Birmingham, members of West Midlands and National Rugby teams, along with karate and judo teams. Our team of West Midlands based Chiropractors have been commissioned to provide Chiropractic treatment for the Red Hot Chilli Peppers at the ‘V’ Festival. Oasis, Travis, and The Levellers have also sought our Chiropractic treatment during their UK tours. Paul Malone (Doctor of Chiropractic) was flown out to the Middle East to provide his Chiropractic services for the Sheikh of Qatar. Other satisfied regular Chiropractic customers include the mischievous Weasley Twins from the Harry Potter movies.

We Get Wonderful Results from a Variety of Conditions!

Naturally, we see traditional Chiropractic cases of neck pain, neck ache, back pain and back aches, but we also get wonderful results with other problems like chronic bad backs, slipped discs, trapped nerves, sports injuries, muscle spasms, headaches, migraines, arm pain, frozen shoulder, hip pain, knee pain, shoulder pain, elbow pain, wrist pain, tennis elbow, sprains and strains, spondylitis, repetitive strain injuries (RSI) etc. But not all Chiropractors are the same! Paul Malone and the entire Walsall Chiropractic Health Clinic Ltd team work closely with local Walsall, Birmingham and in the West Midlands GP’s and consultants. This healthy collaboration produces great results, saves time and benefits our entire West Midlands community.

Can Walsall Chiropractic Health Clinic Ltd Help You?

Then choose one of our highly qualified Chiropractors at our West Midlands Based Chiropractic Clinic in Walsall. We are conveniently located and willing to field phone calls and answer questions. Then ring or email our West Midlands based practice near Birmingham, in Walsall. See why so many of your health conscious neighbours in the Walsall, Birmingham and in the West Midlands areas in the Black Country already have! What’s more, our services are covered by all Health Insurance Companies like Axa PPP, Bupa, HSA, Police Health Scheme and many more.

Providing Quality Chiropractic Care in Walsall, Birmingham,
the Black Country, and the West Midlands since 1997

Walsall Chiropractic Health Clinic Ltd treats patients injured in auto accidents and is featured in Your Legal Guide, which also offers information on adoption and dui .

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