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Individually Tailored Chiropractic Treatments

Walsall, Birmingham and West Midlands Chiropractors at Walsall Chiropractic Health Clinic Ltd, offer individually tailored Chiropractic treatment to patients of any age, who present with a variety of conditions including neck pain, neck ache, back pain and back aches, but we also get wonderful results with other problems like chronic bad backs, slipped discs, trapped nerves, sciatic pain, sports injuries, muscle spasms, headaches, migraines, arm pain, frozen shoulder, disc problems, hip pain, knee pain, shoulder pain, elbow pain, wrist pain, pins and needles, elbow problems, whiplash associated disorders, sprains and strains, spondylitis, repetitive strain injuries (RSI).

Not only do we as Walsall, Birmingham and West Midlands Chiropractors treat patients using a variety of Chiropractic techniques and Acupuncture, we also offer advice on self help, diet, exercise and lifestyle. Our team of highly qualified Chiropractors at Walsall Chiropractic Health Clinic Ltd also offer advice on ergonomics, sports related injuries and Rehabilitation, plus much more.

Our team of five Chiropractors are all registered with the BCA (British Chiropractic Association) and the GCC (General Chiropractic Council). We also offer Acupuncture techniques. As Walsall, Birmingham and West Midlands Chiropractors, we treat problems with joints, bones and muscles, and the effects they have on your nervous system. Working on all the joints of your body, concentrating particularly on the spine, we use our hands to make gentle, specific adjustments (the chiropractic word for manipulation) to improve the efficiency of your nervous system and release your body’s natural healing ability.  Chiropractic does not involve the use of any drugs or surgery. Medical research documented in the British Medical Journal in the nineties, discovered that Chiropractic treatment of back pain was more successful than general hospital out-patient treatments.

Walsall Chiropractic Health Clinic Ltd,  providing quality Chiropractic care and Acupuncture to residents of Walsall, Birmingham, the Black Country and the whole of the West Midlands. Call 01922 634959.

Providing Quality Chiropractic Care in Walsall, Birmingham,
the Black Country, and the West Midlands since 1997
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